Nina Wijnmaalen received her BFA at the Academy Minerva Groningen, NL. During her study she started filming and photographing herself and others. In 2010 she introduced her presence on stage; creating (live) photo sessions while using other performers as objects. During her main work and in these photo-performances she focuses on the existential part of our being and the way we relate to ourselves, each other and the objects that surround us. Art manifests the surface of our society, our being and our existence. The importance we ascribe to the issue of control versus the impossibility of being under control exposes an ambiguous part of our being: having contrasting aims. This creates an inner conflict but simultaneously keeps us in motion. Nina Wijnmaalen aims to represent the uneasiness of this antithesis by pushing beyond the inappropriate and capturing the impossibility of our being.
Nina Glockner received her BFA at the Academy Minerva in Groningen, NL and graduated from the Sandberg Institute (MFA), Amsterdam. She is working as an artist in the fields of performance art, installation and drawing. Questioning the assumption of the free individual she is interested in the social playground where humans play a certain role; acting, functioning, moving. Which parameter, which conditions within society are (unconsciously) influencing human actions and how do they change the individual status and inter- human relationships?